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810 KAR 4:001.Definitions for 810 KAR Chapter 4.

Section 1.



"Added money" means the amount of money, exclusive of trophy, added into a stakes race by an association, a sponsor, a state-bred program, or other fund, and that is in addition to stakes fees paid by subscribers.


"Age" means the number of years since a horse was foaled, reckoned as if the horse was foaled on January 1 of the year in which the horse was foaled.


"Allowance race" means a race in which contestants receive weight allowance based on performance or winnings as stipulated in the conditions of the race.


"Also eligible" means in flat racing an eligible horse, properly entered, which is not drawn for inclusion in a race, but which becomes eligible according to preference or lot if another horse is scratched prior to the scratch time deadline.


"Appeal" means a request for the corporation to investigate, consider, and review any decision or ruling of a steward or official of a meeting.


"Arrears" means all sums due by a licensee as reflected by his or her account with the horsemen's bookkeeper, including subscriptions, jockey fees, forfeitures, and any default incident to KAR Title 810.


"Association" is defined by KRS 230.210(6).


"Authorized agent" means in flat racing any person currently licensed as an agent for a licensed owner, jockey, or jockey apprentice by virtue of notarized appointment of agency filed with the corporation.


"Calendar days" means consecutive days counted irrespective of number of racing days.


"Claiming race" means a race in which ownership of a horse participating in the race may be transferred in conformity with 810 KAR 4:050.


"Closing" means the time published by the association after which entries for a race are not accepted by the racing secretary.


"Coggins test" means a blood test used to determine if a horse is positive for Equine Infectious Anemia.


"Commission" is defined by 810 KAR 6:001.


"Conditions" means qualifications that determine a horse's eligibility to be entered in a race.


"Coupled entry" means two (2) or more horses in a race that are treated as a single betting interest for pari-mutuel wagering purposes.


"Day" means any twenty-four (24) hour period beginning at 12:01 a.m. and ending at midnight.


"Declaration" means in flat racing the withdrawal of a horse entered in a race prior to time of closing of entries for the race in conformance with 810 KAR 4:030.


"Directive" means an official order issued by the corporation or the executive director.


"Disciplinary action" means action taken by the stewards or the corporation for a violation of KRS Chapter 230 or KAR Title 810 and can include:


Refusal to issue or renew a license;


Revocation or suspension of a license;


Imposition of probationary conditions on a license;


Issuance of a written reprimand or admonishment;


Imposition of fines or penalties;


Denial of purse money;


Forfeiture of purse money; or


Any combination of paragraphs (a) through (g) of this subsection.


"Disqualification" means a ruling of the stewards or the corporation revising the order of finish of a race.


"Draw" means the process of determining post positions by lot.


"Entry" means the act of nominating a horse for a race in conformance with KAR Title 810.


"Equipment" means in flat racing accoutrements other than ordinary saddle, girth, pad, saddle cloth, and bridle carried by a horse, and includes riding crop, blinkers, tongue strap, muzzle, hood, noseband, bit, shadow roll, martingale, breast plate, bandages, boots, and racing plates or shoes.


"Field" or "mutuel field" means a single betting interest, which is not a mutuel entry, involving more than one (1) horse.


"Flipping halter" means a halter used in the starting gate to help prevent a horse from flipping, which is used in Quarter Horse races only.


"Forfeit" means money due by a licensee because of an error, fault, neglect of duty, breach of contract, or alternative ruling of the stewards or the corporation.


"Foul" means any action by any jockey that tends to hinder another jockey or any horse in the proper running of the race.


"Handicap race" means in flat racing a race in which the weights to be carried by the horses are assigned by the association handicapper with the intent of equalizing the chances of winning for all horses entered in the race.


"Horse" means any equine irrespective of age or sex designation and registered for racing with the applicable breed registry.


"Ineligible" means a horse or person not qualified under Title 810 KAR or conditions of a race to participate in a specified racing activity.


"Inquiry" means an investigation by the stewards of a contest prior to declaring the result of the contest official.


"Jockey" means a rider currently licensed to ride in races as a jockey, apprentice jockey, amateur jockey, or a provisional jockey permitted by the stewards to ride in three (3) races prior to applying for a license.


"Lessee" means a licensed owner whose interest in a horse is a leasehold.


"Licensee" means an individual, firm, association, partnership, corporation, trustee, or legal representative that has been duly issued a currently valid license to participate in racing in the Commonwealth.


"Maiden" means in flat racing, a horse that has never won a race at a recognized meeting in any country.


"Meeting" means the entire period of consecutive days, exclusive of dark days, granted by the corporation to a licensed association for the conduct of live horse racing that:


Begins at 10 a.m. of the first racing day; and


Extends through a period ending one (1) hour after the last scheduled race of the last day.


"Month" means calendar month.


"Mutuel entry" means a single betting interest involving two (2) or more horses entered in the same race and joined for pari-mutuel purposes because of common ties as to ownership or training so that a wager on one (1) horse joined in a mutuel entry is a wager on all horses joined in the same mutuel entry.


"Nominator" means the person in whose name a horse is entered for a stakes race.


"Objection" means a verbal claim of foul in a race lodged by the horse's jockey, trainer, or owner before the race is declared official.


"Official order of finish" means the order of finish of the horses in a contest as declared official by the stewards.


"Official time" means the elapsed time from the moment the first horse crosses the timing beam until the first horse crosses the finish line.


"Owner" means any person who holds, in whole or in part, any right, title, or interest in a horse, or any lessee of a horse, who has been duly issued a currently valid owner's license as a person responsible for the horse.


"Pari-mutuel wagering", "mutuel wagering", or "pari-mutuel system of wagering" is defined by KRS 230.210(18).


"Post" means the starting point of a race.


"Post position" means the relative place assigned to each horse, numbered from the inner rail across the track at the starting line, from which each horse is to start a race.


"Post time" means the advertised moment scheduled for the arrival of all horses at the starting point for a race.


"Protest" means a written objection charging that a horse is ineligible to race, alleging improper entry procedures, or citing any act of an owner, trainer, or official prohibited by rules, which, if true, would exclude that horse or jockey from racing.


"Purse" means the gross cash portion of the prize for which a race is run.


"Purse race" means any race for which entries close at a time designated by the racing secretary, and for which owners of horses entered are not required by its conditions to contribute money toward its purse.


"Race" means a running contest between horses, ridden by jockeys at a recognized meeting, during regular racing hours, for a prize.


"Race day" means any period of twenty-four (24) hours beginning at 12:01 a.m. and ending at midnight in which live racing is conducted by an association.


"Racing official" means a corporation member, corporation staff, as duties require, and all association racing department employees, as duties require.


"Recognized meeting" means any meeting with regularly scheduled live horse races, licensed by and conducted under administrative regulations promulgated by a governmental regulatory body, and conducted with the applicable breed registry.


"Registration certificate" means the document, racing permit, or virtual certificate issued by the appropriate breed registry identifying the horse for racing.


"Result" means the part of the official order of finish in a race used to determine the pari-mutuel payoff of pari-mutuel pools.


"Rulings" means all determinations, decisions, or orders of the stewards or of the corporation duly issued in writing and posted.


"Scratch" means the withdrawal of a horse entered for a race after the time of closing of entries for the race.


"Scratch time" means the time set by the racing secretary as a deadline for horsemen to indicate their desire to scratch out of a race.


"Specimen" means a sample of blood, urine, or other biologic sample taken or drawn from a horse for chemical testing.


"Stakes" mean all fees paid by subscribers to an added-money or stakes race for nominating, eligibility, entrance, or starting, as required by the conditions of the race, with the fees to be included in the purse.


"Stakes race" means a race that closes more than seventy-two (72) hours in advance of its running and for which subscribers contribute money towards its purse.


"Starter" means either:


An official who dispatches the horses from the starting gate; or


A horse in a race when the starting gate doors open in front of it at the moment the starter dispatches the horses for the race.


"Steward" means a duly appointed racing official with powers and duties established in 810 KAR 2:040 serving at a current meeting in the Commonwealth.


"Subscription" means nomination or entry of a horse in a stakes race.


"Suspended" means withdrawal of racing privileges by the stewards or corporation.


"Thoroughbred racing" is defined by KRS 230.210(32).


"Tote" or "tote board" means the totalizator.


"Unplaced" means a horse that finishes a race outside the pari-mutuel payoff.


"Walkover" means a race in which the only starter or all starters represent single ownership.


"Weigh in" means in flat racing the presentation of a jockey to the clerk of scales for weighing after a race.


"Weigh out" means in flat racing the presentation of a jockey to the clerk of scales for weighing prior to a race.

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