Title 902 | Chapter 008 | Regulation 130

902 KAR 8:130.Participation of local health department employees in political activities.

Section 1.

Political Activities of Employees. An employee in the classified service shall not:


Serve on or for a political committee, party, or other similar organization;


Serve as a delegate or alternate to a caucus or party convention, but may vote in the selection of:


A delegate to a party convention; and


A person to serve on a precinct committee;


Solicit or handle a political contribution;


Sell or solicit the sale of a ticket or other item for a political party, faction, or candidate; however, an employee may voluntarily purchase the item or a ticket;


Serve as an officer of a political club, as a member or officer of any of its committees, or address a club on a partisan political matter, or be active in organizing it;


Serve in connection with the preparation for, organizing or conducting a political meeting or rally or address a political meeting on a partisan political matter except to vote;


Engage in partisan activity at the polls during a primary, regular, or special election in the position of checker, challenger, or watcher;


Solicit votes and assist voters to mark ballots;


Become a candidate for nomination or election to a federal, state, county, or municipal office, except for a school board district office, which is to be filled in an election in which party candidates are involved or for which compensation is paid;


Solicit another person to become a candidate for nomination or election to an office described above;


Distribute partisan campaign literature or material;


Initiate or circulate a partisan political nominating petition; or


Canvass a district or solicit political support for a party, faction, or candidate, in person or in writing.

HISTORY: (19 Ky.R. 2777; eff. 9-3-1993; 21 Ky.R. 597; eff. 9-21-1994; 24 Ky.R. 2215; 25 Ky.R. 582; eff. 8-19-1998; Crt eff. 6-11-2019.)

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