Title 902 | Chapter 100 | Regulation 005

902 KAR 100:005.General applicability.

Section 1.

General Applicability of State Radiation Administrative Regulations. The Cabinet for Human Resources' radiation administrative regulations shall apply to the possession and use of sources of ionizing and electronic product radiation in Kentucky and to the handling and disposal of radioactive waste in Kentucky except if exclusive jurisdiction has been retained by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission as authorized by applicable federal laws and regulations. The cabinet's radiation administrative regulations shall not be interpreted as limiting the exposure of patients to radiation by licensed state practitioners of the healing arts who are authorized by virtue of their license to use sources of radiation, or by qualified individuals acting under their direction. The classification and certification of operators of sources of radiation as provided by KRS 211.870, 211.890, and 211.993 are not included within the scope of these administrative regulations.

HISTORY: (1 Ky.R. 380; eff. 2-5-75; 2 Ky.R. 477; eff. 4-14-76; 12 Ky.R. 978; eff. 1-3-86; 18 Ky.R. 1473; eff. 1-10-92; Crt eff. 11-26-2019.)

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