Title 902 | Chapter 100 | Regulation 140

902 KAR 100:140.Veterinarians.

Section 1.

Applicability. This administrative regulation shall apply to radiographic x-ray systems for veterinary medicine and to persons, equipment, and materials used in connection with the possession, use or operation of these systems.

Section 2.

Equipment. Veterinary radiographic x-ray systems shall meet the following requirements:


The protective tube housing assembly shall be of the diagnostic type;


The primary beam shall be restricted by cones, shutters, diaphragms, or adjustable collimators. No dimension of the x-ray field, measured in the plane of the image receptor, shall exceed the corresponding dimension of the image receptor by more than two (2) percent of the source to image receptor distance (SID) measured if the plane of the image receptor is perpendicular to the primary ray of the x-ray field. This paragraph shall not be construed to require enlarging the x-ray field size if the x-ray field size is less than the size of the image receptor.


A means shall be provided to align the center of the x-ray field with the center of the image receptor to within two (2) percent of the source to image receptor distance;


A device shall be provided to terminate the exposure after a preset time or exposure; and


A dead man type of exposure switch shall be provided, together with an electrical cord of sufficient length, so that the operator can conveniently stand at least one and eight-tenths (1.8) meters from the tube housing assembly, the animal, and the useful beam during x-ray exposures if the exposure to the operator is within the limits provided by 902 KAR 100:020, Section 20.

Section 3.

Structural Shielding. Wall, ceiling, and floor areas shall be equivalent to or provided with applicable protective barriers as required by 902 KAR 100:105, Section 2(2)(i).

Section 4.

Operating Procedures. In the operation of a veterinary radiographic x-ray system the following requirements shall be met:


The operator shall stand well away from the useful beam and the animal during radiographic exposures. No individual other than the operator shall be in the x-ray room while exposures are being made unless an individual's assistance is required; and


If an animal is held in position during radiography, mechanical supporting or restraining devices shall be available and used if possible. If an animal is held by an individual, that individual shall be protected with appropriate shielding devices (protective gloves and apron), and shall be so positioned that no part of his body shall be struck by the useful beam. In addition, the exposure of an individual used for this purpose shall be monitored and no individual shall routinely be used to hold animals.

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