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907 KAR 13:015REG
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907 KAR 13:015.Private duty nursing service or supply reimbursement provisions and requirements.

Section 1.

General Requirements. For the department to reimburse for a private duty nursing service or supply under this administrative regulation, the:


Provider shall meet the provider requirements established in 907 KAR 13:010; and


The service or supply shall meet the coverage and related requirements established in 907 KAR 13:010.

Section 2.

Reimbursement. The department shall:


Reimburse for private duty nursing services at a rate of nine (9) dollars per fifteen (15) minutes, which shall constitute one (1) unit;


Not reimburse for more than:


Ninety-six (96) units per recipient per twenty-four (24) hour period; or


8,000 units per twelve (12) consecutive month period per recipient; and


Reimburse for supplies as established on the Private Duty Nursing Supplies Fee Schedule.

Section 3.

Not Applicable to Managed Care Organizations. A managed care organization shall not be required to reimburse the same amount as established in this administrative regulation for a service or supply covered pursuant to 907 KAR 13:010 and this administrative regulation.

Section 4.

Federal Approval and Federal Financial Participation. The department's reimbursement for services or supplies pursuant to this administrative regulation shall be contingent upon:


Receipt of federal financial participation for the reimbursement; and


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' approval for the reimbursement.

Section 5.

Appeal Rights. A provider may appeal an action by the department as established in 907 KAR 1:671.

Section 6.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Private Duty Nursing Supplies Fee Schedule", April 2014, is incorporated by reference.


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Online at the department's Web site at http://www.chfs.ky.gov/dms/incorporated.htm.

HISTORY: (40 Ky.R. 2062; 2777; eff. 7-7-2014; Crt eff. 12-6-2019.)

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