Title 922 | Chapter 006 | Regulation 045

922 KAR 6:045.Allocation formula.

Section 1.



"Proportionate share" means the proportion, or percentage, of the state's CSBG funding that the entity received in the prior fiscal year.


"Service area" means the land lying within the geographic boundary of the community action agency submitting an application.

Section 2.

Allocation Formula. The formula for allocation of CSBG funds for federal fiscal year 2002 and subsequent years received by the cabinet shall be based upon the following:


The CSBG allocation received by each community action agency for federal fiscal year 2001 shall become the base allocation amount for subsequent years distribution.


Funds received by the cabinet which exceed the base allocation shall be:


Distributed to each community action agency; and


Based on a proportionate share of funds.


If the funds received by the cabinet are less than the previous year's allocation, the reduction shall be made based on a proportionate share of the community action agency's federal allocation.

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