Updated January 11, 2019

The working group, which was created by co-chairs of the Legislative Research Commission (LRC), pending ratification of the full LRC, will conduct a review of the systems' structure, costs, benefits, and funding.

The group's first meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 9:30 a.m. in Rm. 154 of the Capitol Annex.

The working group is authorized to meet as often as necessary at the discretion of the co-chairs during the current General Assembly session, up to March 30, and, if necessary, can meet monthly during the 2019 legislative interim through Dec. 30.

The group is charged with making recommendations for General Assembly action by Feb. 15, although the group's co-chairs can request an extension until March 1, if needed. If even more time is needed to gather information before making recommendations, the co-chairs can submit an additional request for an extension to Dec. 1.


  • Sen. Wil Schroder (Co. Chair)
  • Rep. Jerry T. Miller (Co. Chair)
  • Sen. Robert Stivers
  • Sen. Damon Thayer
  • Sen. Jimmy Higdon
  • Sen. Christian McDaniel
  • Sen. Morgan McGarvey
  • Sen. Johnny Ray Turner
  • Rep. Derrick Graham
  • Rep. R. Travis Brenda
  • Rep. Jim DuPlessis
  • Rep. Scott Lewis
  • Rep. Diane St. Onge
  • Rep. Buddy Wheatley

Contact Information

Members of this Working group can be contacted at the email address below.