Constitution, Ky.


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Casino gaming and electronic gaming devices at racetracks, require approval of local government for - SB 8
Civil rights, constitutional amendment to provide restoration of - SB 177
Compensation for certain officials during extension of even-year sessions, denial of - HB 2: HCA (1), HFA (1)
Death penalty, abolition of - HB 465
Extraordinary session, Governor to convene if no budget is passed during a regular session - HB 19
Assembly, compensation, determined by compensation commission - HB 503
Assembly, extension of even-year session - HB 2, 3, 135
Assembly, odd-numbered year sessions, budget enacted in - SB 215
Assembly, repeal annual sessions of - HB 390
Malpractice, constitutional amendment on legislative authority - HB 491
malpractice awards, General Assembly may limit - HB 146
malpractice lawsuits, damage limits - SB 1
Property owned by other states, amendment to exempt - SB 120; HB 287
Public printing, repeal provisions pertaining to - SB 30
Special election require following failure to make executive branch appropriations - HB 315
Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide - HB 384
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