Courts, District


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Additional circuit judgeships, one less district judgeship - HB 303: HCA (1)
support, emancipation - HB 204: SFA (1), HCS
support, emancipation in case of mental disability - HB 204
support, update guidelines table - HB 359
Custody, child committed to the state, extension - HB 186
District court small claims division, increase jurisdictional amounts - HB 107
Hardship license, authority to grant for traffic offenses other than DUI - SB 121
increase in number - HB 303: HCS
increased in number - HB 248: SCS
Marijuana possession, first offense, require jail time and fine or completion of treatment program - SB 154
Marriage, judicial bypass procedure for pregnant minors - HB 16
Real property lien, party with an interest in the property - HB 369
Sheriffs & other law enforcement officers serving Circuit and District Courts, increase compensation - SB 118
Status offenders, detention in secure facilities, require courts to review only written reports - HB 226
Truant students, jurisdiction over - HB 408, 409
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