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blocking roadway, removal of - SB 59: SCS, HFA (1),(2),(3),(4)
blocking roadway, removal of vehicles and cargo - HB 136
blocking roadway, removal of vehicles and materials - SB 59
Agritourism highway signs, mandate Transportation Cabinet to promote usage of - HJR 112
All-terrain vehicles, no person under age 16 shall operate and helmets required for operation of - HB 86
Coal Miner's Highway, designate - HJR 95
Col. Andrew Jackson May Bridge, designate in Floyd County - SJR 79
Cpl. Joshua D. Harris Memorial Bridge, designate in Letcher County - HJR 106
Cumberland Gap and Trail of Tears, automobile tours on state road map - HJR 99
Department of highways, deadlines to transfer surplus right-of-way by - HB 289
weight coal roads, weight limits by truck size - HB 129
weight road system, define system by transportation of coal - HB 8: SCS (1)
weight road system, exempt roads within a consolidated local government - HB 8: SFA (1)
weight road system, exempt roads within an urban county government - HB 8: SFA (2)
weight road system, exempt specific roads - HB 8: SFA (3)
Finance and administration cabinet, deadline to prepare surplus right-of-way deed - HB 289
Frank DeRossett Bridge, designate in Floyd County - HJR 94
Rogers Parkway, allow partial control of access - SB 165; HB 340
Rogers Parkway, partial control of access, specifications for - HB 340: HFA (1)
Watch Program, commendation of - HR 126
work zones, identification of for double fine purposes - HB 237: HCS
Inoperative traffic signal, when to proceed - HB 311
John C. Cline Memorial Bridge, designate in Martin County - HJR 37
11, designate section as The Veterans Memorial Highway - HJR 90
3024E, designate as Kassidy Mountain Road - SJR 100
72, Harlan Co., name segment in memory of victims of 1932 Yancey Mine Disaster - HJR 27
979 in Floyd County, designate the Eula Hall Highway - SJR 68
Letcher County Coal Miners Highway, designate - SJR 4
Manufactured homes, restrict transportation of - HB 309
MIRET devices, allow use by transportation employees - HB 17: HFA (1)
safety awareness signs, cabinet approval of placement - HB 39: HFA (1)
safety awareness signs, placement on rights-of-way - HB 39
Moves a project from the Six-year Highway Plan into the budget as a line item - HB 267: HFA (15)
R. D. "Doc" Marshall Bridge," designated in Allen, Kentucky - HJR 98
Recreational vehicles, permissible appurtenances for width limits - HB 139
Resource recovery roads, use natural resources and petroleum severance tax for - HB 8: HFA (1)
Rest areas, require POW/MIA flag to be flown - HB 443
Road names, omnibus resolution, name section of US 431 in Muhlenberg County - HJR 135: HCS
and bridges, naming of - HJR 135: SCS
and bridges, naming of to honor individuals and groups - HJR 135
Ronald Reagan Memorial Parkway, designate in Lewis County - SJR 15
Slow-moving vehicles, lighting requirements for - HB 378
Speed limits, increase on interstates, parkways, and 4 lane state roads - HB 450
Subdivision road districts - HB 312
Surplus right-of-way property, transfer of - HB 289
Thomas D. Emberton Bridge, designate in Metcalfe County - HJR 115
Traffic control devices, installation in school zones - HB 154
Trail of Tears Historic Trail, promotion of - SR 43
Turnpike authority, requirement to meet to consider surplus right-of-way transfer - HB 289
U.S. 119 in Letcher County, remove from naming as Coal Miners Highway - HJR 135: HFA (1)
25 in Madison County, designate portion in honor of John G. Fee - SJR 82
25E, designate a section as the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail - HJR 122
60, section in Franklin County, designated as Officer Jason Cammack Memorial Highway - HJR 88
62 in Lyon County and Marshall County, name the Veterans Memorial Highway - HJR 76
Vehicular homicide, penalty increase - HB 514
Woodrow Wilson Burchett Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County - HJR 38
zone, highway workers to be present - HB 237: SFA (1)
zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines - HB 237
WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge, designate in Johnson County - HJR 50
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