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Archaeological sites, require access permit for - HB 628
Big Bone Lick, recognized for being a base formation of Lewis and Clark Expedition - HJR 47: HCS
launching fees, delete provisions for Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources - HB 632: HFA (2)
launching fees, prohibit for tournaments - HB 632: HFA (1)
Country Music Highway, park at Kentucky/Ohio border - HCR 238
Craft items, sale to state parks by state employees - HB 195
Create the Kentucky Hatfield-McCoy Trail System - HB 233: HCS
Gap and Trail of tears, automobile tours on state road map - HJR 7
Gap National Park, official painting of Daniel Boone's passage - HB 76: HFA (5)
Gap National Park, official state Daniel Boone portrait - SB 63; HB 76
Daniel Boone National Forest, urge Congress not to approve tract sales of - SR 256
for members of the military and veterans - HB 141
for regular military members, National Guard members, and veterans - HB 141: HFA (1)
Trail Commission, create and attach to Commerce Cabinet - SB 89: HFA (3)
Trail Commission, create and authorize property acquisition - SB 176: HFA (2)
Historical markers, in and around Capitol, consideration and placement of - HB 36
Horse Park, capital construction projects - HB 223
Recreational Trail System, creates - HB 233
Offenses, on park property - SB 176: SFA (1)
Property controlled by Department of Parks, prohibition against interference with - SB 176; SB 176: SCS
employees, conflicts of interest regarding - HB 195: SCS
parks, alcoholic beverage sales, local option election authorized - HB 697
parks, discount for veterans - HB 141: HCS
Parks, incentive program for schools - HB 718
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