Taxation, Sales and Use


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Aircraft, include exemption for private aircraft - HB 488
Breeders incentive fund, purposes defined - HB 453: SCS
Cigarette taxes, cigarette wholesalers, tax imposed on - HB 737
Commercial printers and mailers, use tax, not required to collect - HB 557
Donated food, exemption for - HB 68: SCS
Equine business products, exempt certain purchases made by horse farmers - HB 113
contractor on purchases if construction contract with public school district - HB 253
durable medical equipment for which a prescription is issued - HB 482
LP gas and natural gas used in a commercial greenhouse or nursery - HB 29
straw, wood shavings, and sawdust used in agricultural or equine pursuits - HB 109
the sale of private aircraft - HB 422: SCS (1)
for horse sales - HB 264
for horses less than 2 years old, machinery, equipment and certain farm supplies - HB 263
Exemption, intrastate gathering and transmission lines - HB 678
Master Settlement Agreement, reconcile language with - HB 533
Master-metered utilities, exemption for - HB 485
Mine rescue chambers, sales and use tax, financing for - HB 693
fuels tax, exemption for fuels used for pupil transportation - HB 33
fuels taxes, refund for school districts assessing 15 cents growth-rate tax - HB 684
vehicle usage tax, exemption for sibling transfers - HB 246
vehicle usage, foster parent exemption - HB 444
vehicles sold to nonresidents - HB 672
Penalties, relief from for tax modernization changes - HB 662
Repair and replacement parts for vehicles with proportional registration, exemption - HB 433
Tax reform, tax selected services as part of - HB 506
Tobacco manufacturer's, establish tax replacing escrow payments for - HB 704
Development Act, destination retail attraction, sales tax refund - HB 701
Development Act, term of agreement - HB 629
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