Bonds, Public

Authorize the issuance of bonds and appropriate debt service therefor

BRAC economic development fund, establish

Higher education bonds, extend allowable maturity date of

Interest on, Finance and Administration Cabinet, reporting requirements of

Interest on, Secretary of State, reporting requirements of

Kentucky Housing Corporation, increase debt limit of

Local infrastructure authorities, require removal of tolls when bonds retired

Postsecondary education institutions, debt issuance by

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Public infrastructure authorities, issuance by

Public Infrastructure, transportation projects

Require notification to state local debt officer when entering into specified financial obligations

Revenue bond program, career and technical education facilities

Revenue bond program, facilities, career and technical education

State debt policies and practices, study of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, appropriation of

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

Water and Sewer Projects

Water and Sewer Projects, reauthorization and reallocation of

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