Budget and Financial Administration

Abandoned property, travelers' checks

Appropriation or revenue bill, legislative time-out prior to vote on

Authorize the issuance of bonds and appropriate debt service therefor

Bonding requirements of the state, LRC study of

Certificates of delinquency, level at which Finance cabinet must purchase, reduction

Commonwealth Office of Technology, technical correction

Compensatory leave time, city employees, applicable to

Contracts, registration required for sales and use tax

Definition of county employee, amendment to include city employee

Designate coal severance single county projects

Drought assistance, fiscal year 2007-2008

Economic development and tourism project expenditure report

Education Cabinet, certified and equivalent employees, salary increases for

Energy efficiency, building and renovation financed by state

Energy efficiency, buildings and renovations financed by state

Enterprise collections, return to agencies

Expenditure of state funds, searchable Web site

Expenditures of state funds, searchable Web site

Firefighter and law enforcement foundation program funds, prohibit transfer to general fund

FY 2008-2010 Biennial Highway Construction plan, set forth

Highway contingency account, limit expenditures from in gubernatorial election years

Interim legislative committee meetings, scheduling of, maximizing cost savings by

Judicial Branch Budget, appropriation of

Judicial Branch Budget Memorandum

Judicial Branch Budget Memorandum, attachment of

Ky. Asset/Liabilities Commission, addition of executive director of Office of the Controller to

Ky. Savings Bond Authority, abolished

Legislative Branch Budget, appropriation of

Legislative Branch Budget Memorandum

Legislative Branch Budget memorandum, attachment of

Local government economic assistance, technical correction

Performance and payment bonds for construction, evaluation of goods and services contracts

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Postsecondary institutions, interim process for cash-funded capital projects

Real property purchase from state employee, eliminate requirement of approval by the Governor

Residential energy incentives, create corporate and individual income tax credits

Road fund, require study of

Road Projects

Searchable Web site, expenditure of state funds reported on

State debt policies and practices, study of

State Investment Commission, the Sudan, divestment of investments in

State Properties & Bldgs. Commission, addition of executive director of Office of the Controller to

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, appropriation of

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

State-owned facilities, capital renewal, maintenance and renovation of

State-owned facilities of state agencies, report on, addition of state budget director as preparer

State-owned facilities, report on, addition of state budget director as preparer

Text of annual budget, posting on Internet Web site, requirement for

Water and Sewer Projects

Water and Sewer Projects, reauthorization and reallocation of

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