Campaign Finance

Building account contributions, limit amount of

Campaign finance reports electronic filing, requirements of

Campaign finance reports, exemption from

Contributing organizations, independent expenditures, reporting of

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting changes

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting, guidelines for

Debt retirement, expanded time frame for

Debt retirement, increased time for

Electronic filing, allow candidate to designate as official copy of report

Electronic filing, requirements established

Filing deadline and primary, change in dates

General counsel of the registry, advisory opinions, authorized to issue

Governor, designation of candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, permit to contribute

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, prohibit contributions to

Postsecondary institutions, interim process for cash-funded capital projects

Prerecorded political messages, prohibited unsolicited telephone solicitation of

Registry of Election Finance, Kristen Webb, confirmation of appointment

Transporters of votes to polls, requirements of

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