Circuit Clerks

Appointment, cabinet secretary, Health & Family Services

Certificates for driving, establish procedures for application and issuance

Citizen Foster Care Review Board Program, notification to

Civil actions, discovery

Deputy circuit court clerks, supplemental compensation

Domestic violence hearings, notice to the petitioner

Driver's license, applicant may provide emergency contact

Driver's License Issuance Task Force, establish

Driver's license, request emergency contact as part of the application

Driver's license, request phone number as part of application

Family resource youth services centers, health services, may provide

Foster children, court records, electronic copies permitted

Identification cars for homeless, provide for

Metabolic conditions, special foods, insurance coverage

Notice, dependency court, appointment of counsel

Personal identification cards, verification of citizenship required

Personal IDs for homeless, $2 charge for first issuance

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)