Consolidated Local Governments

Body armor program, consolidated local governments added as eligible for

Casino gaming, legislative bodies and voters, approval from

Casino gaming, voter approval for

Closed meetings, restrict membership in organizations which hold

Code enforcement boards, include within authority to host

Coroners, deputies, number of

Correctional officers, mandatory peace officer training

Fire districts in, may increase property tax

Ford Motor Plants, commend efforts to retain

Occupational taxes, definition of "compensation"

Perpetual care and maintenance cemetery fund requirements, local government exemption

Pilot programs for elections by mail, establishment of

Police officers' activities involving ballot initiatives

Police officers and firefighters, mediation and arbitration procedures

Recording officials for local governments

Redesignation of green space use in residential subdivisions, procedure for

Residential density requirements for certain roads

Retirement, DROP program for hazardous duty employees of consolidated local governments

Text of annual budget, posting on Internet Web site, requirement for

Urban revitalization districts, consolidated local governments may establish

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)