Constitution, Ky.

Amendments, advocacy reporting requirements

Auditor and Attorney General, make nonpartisan candidates

Casino gaming and electronic gaming devices at racetracks, require approval of local government

Casino gaming, approval by voters of county

Casino gaming, legislative bodies and voters, approval from

Casino gaming, on the ballot placed

Casino gaming, replace references with the term "dens of iniquity"

Casino gaming revenues, distribution of

Casino gaming, voter approval for

Casinos and other gaming venues, approval by voters in county

Cities and counties, sales and use tax, authority to impose

Death penalty, abolition of

Felon, restoration of voting rights for

Felons' restoration of voting rights, reimbursement of certain amount of detention costs

Gambling dens, voter approval for

Gaming tax proceeds, question of the ballot

General Assembly member compensation, determined by compensation commission

General Assembly, repeal annual sessions of

Judicial nominating commissions, appointment of members

Medical malpractice, constitutional amendment

Odd-numbered-year legislative sessions, budget enacted during

Odd-numbered-year sessions, budget enacted in

Office of State Treasurer, abolition of

Office of Surveyor, establish requirements for

Pardons and commutations of sentences, process for

Section 170, amend to increase homestead exemption

Section 181, revenue sharing, permit

Senators, six year terms for

Voting rights for certain felons, constitutional amendment to provide

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

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