Agricultural products, purchase of

Automobile manufacturers and dealers, agreements between

Buying clubs and vacation clubs, contractual rights and limits when canceling membership in

Construction, best value specifications for

Cooperative real estate agreements, community association managers exempted

Electronic claims, pharmacies, requirements for

Electronic claims, pharmacy benefits administrator, requirements for

Government Contract Review Committee, omnibus revision for

Government contracts, procedures

Government contracts, procedures, revised

Government purchasing from Prison Industries and nonprofit agencies and work centers

Kentucky-grown agricultural products, purchase of

Maximum contribution amounts to a building fund, no-bid restrictions to

Merchant account with financial institution

Out-of-state real estate brokers, cooperative agreements made with KY real estate brokers by

Performance and payment bonds for construction, evaluation of goods and services contracts

Public health, independent district, contracts permitted

Sales and use tax, registration required

Self-contained storage units, rights and duties regarding lease of

State contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for

Voluntary agreements, enable demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings

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