County Clerks

Absentee ballot, transmission of

Absentee ballots, voting machines, examination of

Absentee ballots, when certain voters who are members of the military may return ballot

Candidates filing deadline, changes to

Casino gaming constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Classic motor vehicle project titles, establish procedures for

Delinquent property taxes, remove sheriff's sale

Early voting, board of elections may require election officers to be present

Early voting, establishment of

Early voting, require photographic identification or Social Security card

Electronic titling, mandatory dealer participation after one year

Electronic titling, restrict to motor vehicle dealers

Electronic titling system, established

Farm trucks, voluntary contribution to Kentucky Proud program

Filing deadline and primary, change in dates

Firefighter license plates, allow profession firefighters to apply for

Firefighter license plates, include retirees

General Assembly, repeal annual sessions of, submission to voters

Gold Star Family member special license plate; creation of

In God We Trust license plate, establish voluntary contribution

In God We Trust License plate, expand voluntary contribution

"In God We Trust" license plate, issuance of

License plates, issuance of "In God We Trust" plates

Notaries public

Notices regarding mobile homes, posting requirements

Parking permits, handicap, nurses, permit to sign form

Pilot programs for elections by mail, establishment of

Primary and candidates filing deadlines, changes to

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Provisional ballots, all elections, availability of

Recording and indexing real estate mortgage, surcharge

Runoff elections, elimination of

Timetable for solicitation of signature for nomination papers, establishment of

Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, adopt

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