Courts, District

Bail, uniform schedule of

Case submission, jury duties after

Child custody, visitation, relocation of principal residence of child

Child testimony, when court testimony not required

Court costs, increase for supervised child visitation

Court security officer, compensation increase

Courthouse districts

Dating violence, availability of domestic violence protective orders

Deputy circuit court clerks, supplemental compensation

Domestic relations records, confidentiality of

Domestic violence hearings, require one day per week

Domestic violence order, prohibit firearm possession, surrender of firearms

Domestic violence order, venue, transfer

Foster children, court records, electronic copies permitted

Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses

Judgement, change rate of interest on

Judgment, interest rate, modification of

Judicial Branch Budget, appropriation of

Judicial Branch Budget Memorandum

Judicial Branch Budget Memorandum, attachment of

Judicial nominating commissions, appointment of members

Jurors, increase compensation

Jurors, qualifications and protections

Jury service, exemption from

Juvenile courts, status offenders

Misdemeanor offense, jail time reduction

Notary public, approval of application for

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Pretrial diversion program

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed on active duty, exemption

Residence security system for trial judges

Senior status judge program, prerequisites for and sunsetting of

Sexual offenses, noncontact restraining order

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, number of divisions

Small claims, jurisdiction increase

Spousal maintenance, automatic payment of

Status offender, conduct prohibited

Unsolicited fax, prohibitions and penalty

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