Domestic Relations

Child custody, spousal maintenance

Child custody, visitation, relocation of principal residence of child

Child support, arrearages, license suspension

Child support, continue through high school, regardless of child's age

Child testimony, when court testimony not required

Consortium, loss of, action for

Court costs, increase for supervised child visitation

Court records, confidentiality of

Dating violence, availability of domestic violence protective orders

Domestic violence hearings, procedure for

Domestic violence, of protection, availability of orders

Domestic violence order, person subject to shall not possess firearm

Domestic violence order, venue, transfer

Emergency protective orders, procedure for

Fatherhood Information System of Kentucky, creation of

Funeral expenses of child, require child support obligor to pay proportion of

Guardians ad litem, mandatory training

Interstate compact for the placement of children, replacement of

Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses

Marriage, soliciting

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, determination of

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Protective orders, issuance and transfer

Spousal maintenance, automatic payment of

Ward's asset, placement in bank or credit union

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