Agency-designated ethics offenders, cooperation with Executive Branch Ethics Commission training

Constitutional amendments, advocacy reporting requirements

Executive Branch Code of Ethics, Public Pension Financing Advisory Commission subject to

Executive branch ethics code, lobbying provisions applied to the Public Service Commission

Executive branch ethics code, mandatory ethics training for certain officials and employees

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, appointments to, actions of

Executive branch ethics commission investigations, confidential until a final order

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, various changes

Executive branch ethics, post-employment restriction

Executive branch ethics, post-employment restrictions

Executive branch ethics, prohibition against misuse of state resources for private bus. purposes

Executive branch ethics, prohibition against use of state resources for political campaign purposes

Executive branch ethics, various provisions

Governmental ethics codes, executive branch and legislative branches various changes in

Investment advisors hired by Public Pension Financing Adv. Commission, subject to CFA Code of Ethics

Legal defense trust, creation of

Legislative Code of Ethics, various changes

Legislative Ethics Code, various changes

Public Pension Financing Advisory Commission, prohibited conflict of interest in commission actions

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)