Firefighters and Fire Departments

Body armor program, jurisdiction changed to Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

Chapter 75 fire protection districts, expansion of territory

Collective bargaining, mediation and arbitration procedures

Disabled in line of duty, health and life insurance state supplement, CPI adjustment

Dispatch communications personnel, definitions for collective bargaining in urban-county governments

Fire alarms and other personal alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing

Fire commission, make responsible for volunteer firefighter identification program

Fire commission, personnel and duties

Fire districts, expansion of territory into Chapter 273 districts' territory

Fire districts in, may increase property tax

Firefighter Foundation Program fund, prohibit transfer to general fund

Firefighter license plates, include retirees

Firefighter special license plate, omnibus revisions

Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, increase stipend amount

Firefighters, occupational disease, cancer

Income tax deduction for volunteer firefighters

Interlocal agreements, aid for volunteer firefighters

Local fire chief, fireworks reporting requirements and permitting process, duties in

Multicity fire protection district, interlocal agreement, funding by tax levy

Municipal incorporation of territory served by fire districts

Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for

Public employees, collective bargaining, authorization

Reports and report summaries, delivery to fire commission

Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision

Retirement funds, police and firefighter, additions to

Supplemental health insurance for retired personnel

Urban-county police and fire department applicants, reinstatement of

Urban-county police and firefighters, allow reinstatement of

Volunteer fire departments, refund of motor fuels taxes for

Volunteer fire departments, tax limits, procedures for expanding

Workers' compensation, 6th edition AMA Guides, suspension of

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