General Assembly

Adjourn until April 14, 2008

Adjournment, sine die

Annual legislative sessions, repeal of

Budget, odd-numbered-year sessions, enactment during

Casino gaming and electronic gaming devices at racetracks, require approval of local government

Casinos and other gaming venues, definition of terms and requirement of approval by county's voters

Caucus campaign committees, governance of

Committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment of

Compensation during adjournment

Constitutional amendments, advocacy reporting requirements

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting changes

Delete language setting forth General Assembly intent

Gaming legislation, requirements for

Government documents requested by the Legislative Research Commission, provided free of charge

Gray, J.R., former representative from Marshall, pay tribute and honor

House of Representatives, adopt Rules of Procedure

Interest on state bonds, reporting requirements for

Interim Joint Committee on Economic Development and IJC on Tourism, creation of

Interim legislative committee meetings, scheduling of, maximizing cost savings by

International Business Relations Committee, creation of

Judicial nominating commissions, appointment of members

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, recognition of accreditation

Legislation, date of approval

Legislative agents and lobbying, definition of, including editorial writers and cartoonists

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, permit to contribute

Legislative Branch Budget, appropriation of

Legislative Branch Budget Memorandum

Legislative Branch Budget memorandum, attachment of

Legislative Code of Ethics, various changes

Legislative Ethics Code, various changes

Legislative ethics code, various changes in

Members' compensation, determined by compensation commission

Odd-numbered-year sessions, budget enacted in

Pastors of Frankfort churches, extending invitation to

Public infrastructure authorities, approval by

Rules, Senate

Senate, urge funding of Operation UNITE

Senators, six year terms for

Subcommittee on Veterans' Affairs, request reestablishment of

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