Activated members of National Guard or Reserves, continuation of benefits, requirement for

Acts of person licensed as both agent and consultant, restrictions on

Agents, license applications for

Agents, prohibit sales to clients of affiliated consultants

Annuities, right to return

Care partnerships program, establish

Casualty, vehicle protection product warranty

Compensation of consultants and agents

Consultant contract

Consultants, prohibit sales to clients

Credit health insurance, extend duration

Credit health, medically underwritten

Credit life and health, report to legislative committee

Dialysis, coverage out-of-network

Disclosure, requirements

Examination of insurance companies, standards for

Executive director, promulgate regulation

Firefighters, disabled in line of duty, health and life insurance state supplement, CPI adjustment

Grain dealers, requirements for

Health insurance, dialysis patients

Health Insurance, dialysis patients

Inducement to purchase, for damage, loss or theft

Insurance, coverage available to state troopers

Insurance products, information hotline, consumers

KEMI, Board of Directors, appointment, James F. Howard

KEMI, Board of Directors, appointment, Rita Y. Phillips

KEMI, Board of Directors, reappointment, David H. Snowden

Life, dependents of insured employees

Life, employer provided

Life insurance, notice to Office of Insurance

Life insurance, paid-up policy

Life insurance, regulation of marketing to active military personnel

Life, regulation of group

Life settlements, definitions

Life, viatical settlements

Limit program implementation to available funding

Local government premium tax

Local government premium tax, billings shall separately state the

Local government premium tax, study of

Long-term care partnership, creation of

Long-term care, rates

Lovan, Dwight, Executive Director, Office of Workers' Claims, appointment of

Medical malpractice, omnibus reform

Motor vehicle, raise security requirement

"Owner" exclusion, accredited investor

Personal emergency response systems, coverage required to sell private residential versions of

Pharmacists, credentialing

Premium tax, local government administration and assessment

Premium taxes and fees, delete reference to policyholder

Property and casualty, use of insurance score

Prosthetics coverage

Public agencies, limit health insurance coverage to employee and family members

Public agencies, limitation of health insurance coverage to employee and family members

Rates, use of territory as rating factor

Refund or credit, delete reference to pending litigation

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Workers' compensation, 6th edition AMA Guides, suspension of

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, adopt fifth edition

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, adoption of

Workers' compensation, AMA Guides, usage of

Workers' compensation, AMA Impairment Guides, adopt fifth edition

Workers' compensation, black lung benefits, eligibility for

Workers' compensation, contractor and subcontractor, liability of

Workers' compensation, dividends, rate filings and investments, requirements revised

Workers' compensation, exclusivity exception for reckless conduct

Worker's compensation, filing of annual financial statement for

Workers' compensation, income benefits, lump-sum payment required

Workers' compensation, permanent disability rating, additional multipliers included

Workers' Compensation, policy cancellation, notice requires

Workers' compensation, self-insured groups, financial requirements of

Workers' compensation self-insured groups, investments by

Workers' compensation, termination of policy, notice required

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