Loans and Credit

Check cashing, regulation and establishment of a database

Cost and expenses, delete

Credit card accounts, payment on

Credit card application, notice not to send

Credit health insurance, medically underwritten

Credit life and health insurance, report to legislative committee

Creditor as a defendant, requirement for

Creditor as defendant, requirement for

Deferred deposit transactions, database

Deferred deposit transactions, debit or electronic instruments

Deferred deposit transactions, direct study

Deferred deposit transactions, fee and maximum number

Deferred deposit transactions, records

Deferred deposit transactions, regulation and establishment of a database

Deferred deposit transactions, reports

Deferred deposit transactions, restrictions

Fees and penalties, reduce

High-cost home loans

High-cost home loans, prepayment penalties

Industrial loan companies, authorized charges

Insurance companies, use of credit history by

Kentucky Homeowners Protection Center, establishment of

Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, create

New markets, investment program and tax credits for

Pawn brokers, reduced time for sale after loan maturity

Pawn brokers, sale of pawned article

Payment instrument, definition

Real estate loans, regulation of

Residential mortgage fraud, penalties for

Residential mortgage loans, unlawful acts

Residential mortgages, prepayment penalties in, prohibition

Retail sales contract, debt cancellation agreement

Surety and cosurety, joint creditor

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