Adams, Vinta A., memorializing

Alcorn, James M., memorializing

Anders, Carl Eugene, memorializing

Anderson, Beverly Pearson, memorializing

"Andy and Mary Carter Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County

Armstrong, Pauline McPherson, memorializing

Armstrong, Wathan, memorializing

Arnett, Jean, memorializing

Bailey, Jane Walker, memorializing

Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Highway, designate portion of US 127 in Mercer County

Billiter, Chief Petty Officer Gregory J., memorializing

Billiter, Gregory J., Chief Petty Officer, memorializing

Booker, Sergeant Kenneth Raymond, memorializing

Bowling, Sergeant William Glenn, memorializing

Bowling, William Glenn, Sergeant, memorializing

Bowman, Paul Ray, memorializing

Brewer, The Reverend Paul Jackson, memorializing

Brown, Erica, memorializing

Brown, Henry, memorializing

Brown, John D., memorializing

Bruner, Master Sergeant Thomas L., memorializing

Buckley, William F., Jr., memorializing

Burchett, Christa, memorializing

Burg, Helen Louise Rendlesham, memorializing

Burton, Noah, memorializing

Cannon, Paul Clark, memorializing

Cantrell IV, Corporal Joseph "Joey" Herman, memorializing

Carnes, Staff Sergeant Nicholas, memorializing

Carter, Alice Ann, adjourning the House in loving memory and honor of

Cartmell, Nell Thompson, memorializing

Carver, Dennis Keith, memorializing

Caudill, B. Michael, memorializing

Caudill, Eshmel, memorializing

Caudill, Herman Wayne, memorializing

Caudill, Judy Mae, memorializing

Chaffins, Phillip Russell, memorializing

Chi, Dr. Keon, memorializing

Clinkscales, Frances, memorializing

Colby, Lauren Alexandra, memorializing

Collett, Robert C., memorializing

Combs, Ella, memorializing

Compton, Dr. Kenneth L., memorializing

Cooley, George, memorializing

Crum, Rudy, memorializing

Denham, Harriet S., memorializing

Dent, Jeffery Lee, memorializing

DNA backlog reduction program, urge Congress to fund

Doran, Mignon Louise McClain, memorializing

Downing, Gene Bolinger, memorializing

Dunaway, John Harvey, memorializing

Durham, Mildred, memorializing

Ethington, Larry Wilson, memorializing

Fain, Franklin D. "Howard," memorializing

Fife, Ruth Ecton, memorializing

Firkin, William Edward, memorializing

Fischer, Sarah "Sally," memorializing

Fitzgerald, Thomas F., memorializing

Flynn, Joyce Young, memorializing

Freeman, Edwin, memorializing

Gaines, Jim Owen, memorializing

Gantley, Mary Margaret Dwelly, memorializing

Gholston, Freda B., memorializing

Gilliam, Ivan, memorializing

Gilliam, Kermit Larry, memorializing

Goff, Otto Wilson, memorializing

Gorham, Private First Class Brian, memorializing

Griffin, Allen Arthur "Punk," memorializing

Gross, Betty Jean Wilson, memorializing

Hackworth, Charles Junior, memorializing

Haggin, Alma Headley, memorializing

Hahn, Theodore Walter, memorializing

Halbert, Martin Gregory, memorializing

Hall, Geneva June, memorializing

Hamilton, Dorothy Huff, memorializing

Hamlin, Staff Sergeant Christopher N., memorializing

Hamm, Earl, memorializing

Hammons, Maxine Jo Osborne, memorializing

Haughton, Elizabeth "Beth" Odell, memorializing

HB 201, Deron's Law

Hinckley, Gordon B., memorializing

Hixson, Allie Corbin, Dr., memorializing

Holbrook, Elder Ellis, memorializing

Holt, Kathleen "Kay" Ringo, memorializing

Horlander, Nelle P., memorializing

Hudson, Mabel B., memorializing

Hufford, Treva Lynn, memorializing

Hughes, Robert F., Sr

Hurst, Roger Glenn, memorializing

Isaac, Russell, memorializing

Johnson, Calvin, memorializing

Johnson, Pauline Sexton, memorializing

Jones, Everett Lee, memorializing

Keightley, Bill, memorializing

Kelly, Wallace, commend for film "Our Day"

Kidd, Lucinda Alice Hunter, memorializing

Kinman, Jesse Hall, memorializing

Kirk, Russell M., memorializing

Knight, Van, memorializing and honoring

Lacy, Randy, "Chief Randy Lacy Memorial Highway," designate in Powell County

Lampton, Elizabeth, memorializing

Little, Alan Leslie, memorializing

Locke, Mitchell Nolan, memorializing

Lofton, Addie Clark, memorializing

Lowe, Lena May, memorializing

Lyden, Mike, memorializing

Lynch, Lance Corporal Robert A. "Robbie", Hawaii Medal of Honor, recognizing

Lynch, Robert A. "Robbie," memorializing

Martin, Joseph, Jr., memorializing

Marx, Ernie, memorializing

Mary Elizabeth Walton Moore, memorialization of

"Mary Lou Runyon Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County

Meade, Carla Jeanne, memorializing

"Miles Justice Family Bridge," designate in Pike County

Miller, Sergeant First Class Daniel Edward, memorializing

Mitchell, Beatrice Burton, memorializing

Moore, Corporal Joshua "Josh" McKay, memorializing

Moore, Dana Whitaker, memorializing

Morris, Fred, memorializing

Mullins, Emalene, memorializing

Mundell, Major Michael L., memorializing

Noll, Robert, memorializing

Patrick, Irene Fay, memorializing

Petry, Willie D., memorializing

"Phillip K. Epling Memorial Bridge," designate in Pike County

Phillips, Private First Class Sammie, memorializing

Philpot, Sergeant Edward, memorializing

Prestonsburg School Bus Crash, commemorate 50th anniversary of

Ray, Joie, recognizing and honoring

Reeves, Roger W., memorializing

Reid, Ralph Donald, memorializing

Rice, Anna Lee Fraley, memorializing

Riehm, Mary Joan, memorializing

Robertson, Leslye, memorializing

Rudd, Betty Cooke, memorializing

Runge, Dr. Robert, memorializing

Samons, Gina Denise, memorializing

Samons, Leona Hurd, memorializing

Sanders, Henry T., memorializing

Sargent, Jacob Tyler, memorializing

Saylor, Needham, memorializing

Schulman, Robert, memorializing

Scott, Ruby Ratliff, memorializing

Scott, Thadeus, memorializing

"Sergeant William Glenn Bowling Memorial Bridge," designate in Lee County

Shuffett, Billy, memorializing

Sims, Jesse Cass, memorializing

Smith, Hardes Avery "Bud", Jr., memorializing

Smith, Reverend Bert Wayne, memorializing

Sorley, Cheri Lynnette Carman, memorializing

Sparks, Russell B., memorializing

"Specialist Timothy Adam Fulkerson Memorial Highway, " US Route 231

Stearns, Bill, memorializing

Stephens, Kenneth Dale, memorializing

Stickler, Howard C., memorializing

Sturgil, Roy D., adjourn in memory of

Tackett, Kathy, memorializing

Taylor, David Yandell, memorializing

Terry, James Thomas "Bub," memorializing

Terry, Robbie Steven "Rat," memorializing

Thomas, Samuel B., memorializing

Thompson, Katherine "Kitty," memorializing

Turner, Attwell, memorializing

"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail," extension of

Urge Congress to continue funding for Debbie Smith DNA backlog reduction program

VanHoose, Lifes, memorializing

Vimoto, Private First Class Timothy R., memorializing

Watts, Vinson Alan, Sr., memorializing

Webb, Dr. Robert C., memorializing

Well, Chief Randy, memorializing

White, Staff Sergeant Delmar, memorializing

Whitener, Ramona "Mona" West, memorializing

Williams, Bobby Turpin, memorializing

Wright, Charles L., memorializing

Young, Robert Wilson, memorializing

Zapfe, Sergeant First Class Andrew, memorializing

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