Assault, 3rd degree, include licensed health care professionals

Blood testing, DUI

Direct Care Staffing Incentive Program, establishment of

Disciplinary action, drug abuse or criminal conviction as a basis for

Family resource youth services centers, health services, may provide

KCHIP, continuous enrollment and online applications for

KCHIP, presumptive eligibility period, continuous enrollment and online applications for

Long-term care facilities, increased penalties for

Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Medicaid fraud, civil and administrative proceedings for

Noncompliance with standards, report by worker, retaliation prohibited

Nursing schools, licensure examinations, requirements for

Operating room circulator supervising surgical technology, require a registered nurse to act as

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, services ordered by a nurse practitioner may be reimbursed

Recipients, Medicaid, provide statement of services to

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