Peace Officers and Law Enforcement

Aliens, law enforcement activity relating to

Availability of facilities and services, technical correction

Boating under influence, prerequisites for warrantless arrest

Boating under the influence, probable cause after accident

Boating violations, penalties for

Body armor program, jurisdiction changed to Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

Certified police officers, enforcement responsibilities, delegated to

Code enforcement boards, civil penalties for violations of ordinances

Confiscated firearms, auction of, permitted uses of proceeds from

Consolidated local governments, police officers' activities involving ballot initiatives

Constables, omnibus revision

Controlled substances monitoring system, accounts to receive data from

Controlled substances offender registration

Correctional officers, mandatory peace officer training

Court security officers, certification requirements

Domestic violence order, prohibit firearm possession, surrender of firearms

Electronic warrants, participation in

Enforcement of immigration law, agreements for

False name or address, giving of to peace officer

FIVCO Area Drug Task Force, urge Congress to maintain funding for

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements

Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of

Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, recognition of accreditation

KLEFP Fund, move administration back to the Justice Cabinet

KLEPF Funds, Department of Criminal Justice Training to study and report on

Leaving vehicle unattended, delete prohibition

Leaving vehicle unattended, prohibition on

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Marksmanship certification, peace officers, active and retired

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, establish a tiered response system for

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, establishment of assessment process

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, post notice of quarantine for

Missing impaired adults, improve rescue squads and searches for

Missing impaired adults, rescue squads and searches for

National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, ratify

Oaths, retired and senior justices and judges may administer

Officer or employee, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, duties

Parking ordinance, law enforcement exemption

Parking ordinances, exemptions for law enforcement

Police department, city of the sixth class, countywide jurisdiction

Probate fees, estate of officer killed in line of duty, exemption for

Quarantine of service animals who have bitten humans, exemption for

Report to NCIC required, stolen items with vehicle identification numbers

Service animal quarantine, law enforcement exemption

Sex crimes, victims, polygraph prohibited

Sex offense with minor, electronic communication

Tennessee Valley Authority Police officers. statewide jurisdiction, grant of

Urban-county police and fire department applicants, reinstatement of

Urban-county police and firefighters, allow reinstatement of

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