Abandoned property, travelers' checks

Archaeological sites, family access, landowner compliance, requirement

Burglar, fire, and other private alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing

Commercial real estate, cooperation agreements allowing out-of-state brokers to buy or sell

Demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings, inclusion of manufactured and mobile homes

Department of Parks, property controlled by, prohibition against interference with

Engineering and land surveying, licensing board's authority to prevent unlicensed practice of

Forfeiture of real and personal property, required for sex offenses against minors

Historic or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for

Home inspectors, licensing of

Homestead exemption, formation of special subcommittee to review

Injunctions against unlawful land surveying, county of offense the proper Circuit Court venue for

Inspections, state fire marshal, fee schedule for

Land survey, surface coal mining permit, requirement for

Land surveying, defined

Land surveying, definition of, exemption established

Land surveyors, metes and bound descriptions to be exclusively performed by

Methamphetamine-contaminated, establish tiered response system for

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, establish a tiered response system for

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, multifamily dwellings, application to

Mobile home, manufactured home, and RV communities, change agency regulating

Motor vehicle tax, elimination of

Out-of-state and in-state real estate brokers, cooperative agreement and notice of affiliation for

Personal property forfeiture for certain sex offenses, distribution of

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Real estate brokers, post-license education course required for

Real estate brokers, various requirements for

Real estate commission, change escrow account, fee, and license reciprocity requirements enforced by

Real estate, Commonwealth leasing procedures in a foreign jurisdiction

Remove of dilapidated buildings, agreement terms, disposition of waste and other contamination

Retailer, claims against

Sand and gravel extraction, limited permit for one acre

Sand and gravel extraction on one acre, create limited permit for

Self-contained storage units, operator's lien on personal property contained in

State-owned, title to, prohibition against acquiring by adverse possession

Surplus real property, local school board disposal

Surplus real property, local school board disposal of

Timber, theft of

Totally disabled veterans, annual homestead filing requirement, exemption

Trespass on retail and commercial premises, prohibition

Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, adopt

Voluntary agreements, enable demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings

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