Real Estate

Adverse possession of state property, accrued claims exempted from prohibition

Adverse possession of State property, prohibition against

Commercial real estate, cooperation agreements allowing out-of-state brokers to buy or sell

Cooperative real estate agreements, community association managers exempted

Deception, theft by, inclusion of sec. deposit for rent, auction escrow acct., real estate purchase

Foreign jurisdiction, Commonwealth leasing procedures

Forfeiture of real and personal property, required for sex offenses against minors

High-cost home loans

High-cost home loans, prepayment penalties

Historic or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for

Home inspectors, licensing of

Home invasion, penalty for crimes relating to

Homestead exemption, formation of special subcommittee to review

Land surveying, defined

Mortgage foreclosure counseling

Mortgage loans, regulation of

Mortgages, prepayment penalties in, prohibition

Out-of-state and in-state real estate brokers, cooperative agreement and notice of affiliation for

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Real estate brokers, post-license education course required for

Real estate brokers, various requirements for

Real estate commission, change escrow account, fee, and license reciprocity requirements enforced by

Real property purchase from state employee, eliminate requirement of approval by the Governor

Real school property, sale of

Retailer, claims against

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Surplus real property, local school board disposal of

Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, adopt

Voluntary agreements, enable demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings

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