Secretary of State

Annual legislative sessions, repeal of, submission to voters

Business entities, omnibus revision

Campaign debt retirement, increased time for

Campaign finance reports electronic filing, requirements of

Campaign finance reports, exemption from

Certificate of total number of votes, deadline to certify to

Constitutional amendment for gambling dens, on ballot placed

Constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Contributing organizations, independent expenditures, reporting of

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting changes

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting, guidelines for

Crime victim address protection program, creation of

Date of primary and candidates filing deadline, changes to

Early voting, establishment of

Election of judges, preferential voting system

Electronic filing, requirements established

Filing deadline and primary, change in dates

Gubernatorial Debate Commission, attached to office

Legal defense trust, creation and requirements of

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, permit to contribute

Legislative agents to candidates and slates for statewide office, prohibit contributions to

Notaries public, omnibus regulation

Pilot programs for elections by mail, establishment of

Primary and candidates filing deadlines, changes to

Provisional ballots, all elections, availability of

Referendum committees, deletion of

Runoff elections, elimination of

Senators, six year terms for

State bonds, interest on, reporting requirement for

State/Executive Branch Budget, appropriation of

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum, attachment of

Timetable for solicitation of signature for nomination papers, establishment of

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