Special Districts

Chapter 75 fire protection districts, expansion of territory

Court house districts, dissolution of

Courthouse districts

Fire district boundary change, public approval option when no agreement w/nonprofit department

Fire districts, expansion of territory into Chapter 273 districts' territory

Fire districts in, may increase property tax

Interlocal agreements, provision of services

Multicity fire protection district, interlocal agreement, funding by tax levy

Municipal incorporation of territory served by fire districts

Notification of appointing authority of expiration of term of office

Occupational taxes, definition of "compensation"

Retired educators, reemployment of

Solid waste management districts delinquent taxes and fees, collection of

Storm water, sanitary system, rates charged to persons not served, exemption from

Volunteer fire departments, tax limits, procedures for expanding

Waste management districts, delinquent fees, fees for collecting

Water district commissioners, compensation for treasurer

Water districts, extension and formation of

Water districts, notification requirements for

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