Taxation, Property

Broadcast radio and television towers, exemption from property tax

Certificates of delinquency, level at which Finance cabinet must purchase, reduction

Charter county governments, recall provisions

Courthouse districts

Delinquent property taxes, remove sheriff's sale

Delinquent tax bills, reduce maximum fees for private purchasers

Distribution of gaming proceeds, motor vehicle tax, elimination of

Federally documented vessels, exempt from local property tax

Fire districts in, may increase property tax

Homestead exemption, formation of special subcommittee to review

Homestead exemption, increase, constitutional amendment

Interest paid for overpayments and underpayments

Interest paid, modify accrual of

Local property tax exemption for private aircraft

Local school districts additional levy for debt service and new facilities, authorized

Local school districts, authorize levy for school construction

Motor vehicles assessment, elimination of

Multicity fire protection district, interlocal agreement, funding by tax levy

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Property valuation administrator, office staffing, study

Property Valuation Administrators Advisory Committee, creation of

PVA examination at central location, notice 30 days prior to

PVA examination at central location, noticed 30 days prior to

PVA funding, commission on tax bill for

Radio and TV towers, remove local property tax on

Threshold amount, preparation of bills below

Volunteer fire departments, tax limits, procedures for expanding

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