Taxation, Sales and Use

Air ambulances, exemption of sales tax on services of

Auctioneers of charitable auctions, definition of retailer, exclusion from

Definition of retailer, exclude auctioneers of charitable auctions

Durable medical equipment, exempt

Durable medical equipment, exemption

Energy incentives, carbon capture ready, amend definition to include compression

Exclusions, exclude transient room taxes from taxable sales

Exempt lp gas and natural gas used in commercial greenhouse or nursery

Exempt straw, wood shavings, sawdust

Exemption, church sales for fundraising events

Exemption, delivery charges

Exemption for multi-unit residential fuel, water, sewer billing

Federal tax system, direct a study of the impact of proposed changes

Feed for members of genus camelus, exempt

Film industry tax credit

Film industry, tax incentives, provide

Genus camelus, exempt from

Horse farm purchases, exemption

Interest paid for overpayments and underpayments

Interest paid, modify accrual of

Lemurs, exempt from tax

Motor carriers, exemption for repair parts

Motor fuels taxes, refund for volunteer fire departments

Motor vehicle usage tax, exemption for certain trusts transfers

Multichannel video programming, taxation of service

Over-the-counter drug, exempt from

Rebate for governmental entities operating a public facility

Registration required for contract

Renewable energy facility, lower minimum capital investment

Residential energy incentives, create corporate and individual income tax credits

Sales and use tax, exemption of drugs for animals

Sales tax on selected services deleted

Sales tax rebate for public facilities, allow for sale of tangible personal property

Selected services, impose, expire June 30, 2010

Selected services, tax on, imposition of

Services, extend tax to selected

Streamlined sales tax agreement, conforming changes

Tax holiday for clothing, computers, computer supplies and school supplies

Tax holiday school supplies, school art supplies, and clothing

Tax increment financing, clarify sales tax provisions

Tobacco tax, increase by five cents per pack of cigarettes

Vendor compensation, capped at $1,500

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