Alternative calendars, districts exempt from late starting date

Alternative certification for veterans

Alternative certification, option 7, institutes for math and science teachers, funds for

Assessment, accountability, and academic achievement system, specifications for

Blavatt, Bryan, honoring

Casino gaming moneys, distribution of

CATS, testing window designated

Certification, alternative route to obtain

Certification incentive fund

Collective bargaining in public schools

Common planning time, requirement of

Comprehensive statewide literacy plan, development of

Corporal punishment, local boards of education, prohibition of

Curricula and instructional time, study of

District teacher certification loan fund, required use of

Dual-credit courses, use of Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship award for

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Bobbie Sammons Stoess

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Gregory E. Ross

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Mary S. Hammons

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Sandy Sinclair-Curry

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Thomas James Stull

Evaluation, use of observation and documentation

Head teacher, delete reference

Highlands High School, recognition of

Instructional methods

Kentucky Teacher's Retirement System, funding for

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, member, retirement allowance, calculation of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, membership and beneficiaries

Leave of absence, allow board discretion

Master's degree, tuition assistance for

Mentorship and professional development programs, provision of

Moment of silence or reflection in schools, requirement for

Personnel decisions, notification by school districts

Personnel, notification date of nonrenewal of contracts

Personnel, selection of

Political activities, prohibit use of work time, public funds and resources for

Principal selection

Principal selection, minority representation

Public employees, collective bargaining, authorization

Reading and civics education courses for teachers, requirement of

Retirees, reemployment of

Retirement, level of state contribution

Salary supplements

School calendar, instructional days added

School-based decision making council, personnel actions by

Spratt, Tammy, honor as Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year

Statewide testing system, establish date for

Student attendance reports, requirements to complete

Student protection, crimes, policies, and procedures relating to

Study of the Holocaust, curriculum guide for

Study of the Holocaust, include in public school curriculum

Study of tiers in the program to support education excellence in Kentucky

Teacher scholarship program, amount awarded

Teacher scholarship program, use of funds

Teachers' professional growth fund, use of

Teachers' Retirement, omnibus bill

Teachers' working environment, proposals for enhancing

Tuberculosis risk assessment, requirements for

Work day, number of hours

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