Technical Corrections

Adjutant General, designee in case of disability, gender-neutral language

Adjutant General, Office of, promotions or appointments

Adoption assistance, conform to federal law for

Agricultural district

Amusement rides and attractions, regulation of

Animal cruelty, gender neutral language

Body armor program, jurisdiction changed to Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

BR 2001

BR 2038, make gender neutral

BR 2297, obsolete terminology, gender neutrality

BR 2353, gender correction

BR 955

Case submission, jury duties after

County clerk, technical correction

Creditor as a defendant, requirement for

Creditor as defendant, requirement for

Crime victim, notification, citation correction

Endangering welfare, technical correction

Fiduciary liability, gender equality, provision for

HB 128

HB 168


HB 250

HB 262


HB 307/HCS

HB 312 HCS

HB 323 - Statute citation

HB 384

HB 406

HB 410

HB 427/HCS

HB 45

HB 479

HB 503

HB 561

HB 600

HB 614/HCS

HB 629

HB 65

HB 689

HB 753/HCS

HB 756, film industry tax incentives

HB 757

HB 757/HCS


HCR 65


Make technical corrections

Manslaughter, gender-neutral language

Misclassification of employees, violations, penalties established

Officer or employee, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, duties

Prosecutors Advisory Council, technical correction

Public advocate, gender-neutral language added

Public employment, technical correction

SB 22/GA

SB 32/SCS 2

SB 53


SB 67

SB 75


SB 96

Sexual misconduct, gender neutral

Sexual Misconduct, technical correction


Solders' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, change name

Special license plates, correct incorrect statutory reference

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Surety and cosurety, joint creditor

Technical corrections

Unified Juvenile Code

Witness and victim rights pamphlet, technical correction

Witness protection, technical correction

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