Age verification, allows scan of operator's license or personal ID for purpose of

Bulk tobacco, allow inspection of moisture devices for

Cigarette excise tax, cigarette, define

Cigarette excise tax, proof of tax evidence

Cigarette rolling papers, amend tax rate language

Cigarette surtax increase, floor stock tax imposed

Cigarette surtax, increase, sunset June 30, 2010

Cigarette tax, increase, expire June 30, 2010

Cigarette wholesaler compensation, increase rate

Other tobacco products, rate increase, sunset June 30, 2010

Other tobacco products wholesale excise tax, little cigar or small cigar, define

Tobacco products and cigarettes, gifts to minors banned

Tobacco products and cigarettes, purchases on behalf of minors banned

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorize

Tobacco tax, cancer research earmark

Tobacco tax, cancer research earmark of

Tobacco tax, increase by five cents per pack of cigarettes

Tobacco taxes, increase rate

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)