Wages and Hours

Aliens, employment of

Comparable worth, administrative regulations required

Comparable worth determination, rebuttable presumption of correctness

Comparable worth, factors considered

Comparable worth jobs, employers to determine

Compensatory leave time, city employees, applicable to

Definition of county employee, amendment to include city employee

Employee misclassification, independent contractors, clarification and penalty for violations

Employees, misclassification as independent contractors, penalties provided

Minimum wage and overtime, companionship services, exemption of

Misclassification of employees, penalties provided

Misclassification of employees, violations, penalties established

Nonprofit charitable organization, minimum wage and overtime, exemption

Overtime, air carrier employees exempt

Police officers, workday for officers in cities of the second class

Prevailing wage, school construction exempt

Prevailing wage, suspend the application of, for FY09 and FY10

Reemployment rights, members of National Guard or Reserves, establishment of

Sex-based wage discrimination, prohibited on comparable jobs

State employees, electronic transfer of wages

Unemployment insurance, benefit eligibility for military spouse

Wage discrimination disputes, binding arbitration permitted

Wage requirements, Cabinet for Economic Development, incentive programs

Wages, assignment for spousal maintenance

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