Waterways and Dams

Delta Queen, urge Congress to renew exemption from Safety of Life at Sea Act

Discharge permit applications, water quality data to be less than 36 months old

Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations

Hydroelectric generation, direct the Kentucky River Authority to develop

Hydroelectric generation, encourage the Army Corps of Engineers to develop

Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation fund, appropriation to

Ohio River dams and locks, urge Congress to fully fund

Personal watercraft, operation on public waterways, regulation of

Riverport Finance Assistance Fund, establish

Riverport Marketing Assistance Fund, establish

Stream restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of

Structures on public waters, Department of Fish and Wildlife, permits for

Water transportation, development of

Waters of the Commonwealth, disposal of overburden into prohibited

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:09 AM (EDT)