Banks and Financial Institutions

CAMELS rating, update

Credit card solicitations on college campuses, regulation of

Database fully operational, notice to be given

Deferred deposit service transactions, regulation

Deferred deposit transaction database, requirements

Deferred deposit transaction, limit customer to one outstanding transaction

Deferred deposit transaction, prohibit licensee from multiple transactions in 90 days

Deferred deposit transactions, clarify

Deferred deposit transactions, database establishment

Deferred deposit transactions, define annual percentage rate

Deferred deposit transactions, define annual percentage rate and interest

Deferred deposit transactions, interest rate

Deferred deposit transactions, licensee requirements

Deferred deposit transactions, limit annual interest rate to 36%

Deferred deposit transactions, limit annual percentage rate

Deferred deposit transactions, regulation of

Deferred deposit transactions, require oral and written explanation

Federal deposit insurance, maintain

Federal deposit insurance, utilize risk-based assessment system

Gift cards, regulation of

Homeowners and Bank Protection, urge Congress to enact

Interest rate, delete reference to application of section

Internal property valuations by banks, exempt from real estate appraiser licensing requirements

Mortgage, continuing education requirements

Mortgage lenders, regulation

Mortgage Licensing and Regulation Act

Mortgage loan companies, regulation

Mortgages, licensing requirements

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry

Reorganization, Department of Financial Institutions, Executive Order 2008-507

Short-term loans, replace deferred deposit transactions

Titling of ATV's procedures for, establishment of

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