Carbon management legal issues, recommendations

Clean coal pilot project, authorization

Coal mine rescue team training, coal mine inspections, counted as

Coal mines, medical air evacuation, requirements for

Coal mining around oil and gas wells, establishment of provisions for

Coal mining, inspections, electronic permits, requirements for

Coal mining, overburden, placement of

Coal Severance Projects, amendments to

Counties that produce horseback riding trails, designate land

Division of Mine Permits, electronic filing, division audit, requirements for

Easement of necessity, gender neutral references, technical corrections for

Global exports, require Cabinet for Economic Development to study

High hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of

High hazard impoundments, technical correction for

Infrastructure projects, CTL facilities, priority funding for

Kentucky Natural Resource Caucus, creation of

Ky. Geological Survey, express support for work in carbon sequestration

Local Government Economic Development Fund, administration of

Local Government Economic Development Fund, unexpended debt service, transfer to

Mine Safety, electrical trainees, certified electricians, use of

Mine safety, emergency medical or mine emergency technicians, number of

Mine safety, mine ventilation plans, requirements for

Mine ventilation fan restart, reentering mine, requirement for

Operators, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, governmental immunity for

Pollinator habitat, reclamation site revegetation requirements, inclusion of

Power plants, coal-fired, make eligible for Incentive for Energy Independence Act

Study mining of and impacts to streams and forests in E.O. Robinson Forest

Surface mine overburden and reclamation requirements, changes to

Ventilation fans, deviation from continuous operation, remove provision allowing

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