Agriculture, energy feedstocks, qualifying environmental remediation property, tax exemptions for

Alternative and renewable, transportation

Alternative fuel, tar sands and crude oil, inclusion of

Authorize governor to augment Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Brownfield redevelopment, agricultural feedstocks, property tax credits

Cellulosic ethanol, restore original tax credit cap and per gallon rate

Civil liability, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, immunity from

Division of Mine Permits, electronic filing, division audit, requirements for

Easement of necessity, gender neutral references, technical corrections for

Fuel ethanol-blended gasoline, requirements for sale and use of commodities

High hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of

High-level nuclear waste, spent fuel, storage plan for

Impoundment breach, emergency action plans, requirements for

Infrastructure projects, CTL facilities, priority funding for

Kentucky Natural Resource Caucus, creation of

Natural gas, bulk sales, for commercial, industrial, governmental and school customers

Oil and gas on state and university lands, nuclear power, energy strategy for

Oil and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned land, program for

Oil and gas operations, state-owned and university-owned lands, study of

Tar sands, add to definition for alternative transportation fuels, set minimum investment

Underground storage tanks, registration of

Vegetable oil, motor fuels tax, exempt from

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:17 AM (EDT)