General Assembly

Adjourn, 2009 Session until February 23, 2009

Adjourn, 2009 Session until February 3, 2009

Adjourn, 2009 Session until March 26, 2009

Adjournment, sine die

Amendment, early voting, authority to

Appropriations, legislative time-out period prior to vote on bill or amendment

Caucus campaign committees, governance of

Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, members

Division created, investigation arm of

Division created, investigative arm

Duplicate filing requirement with county clerk for legislative candidates, abolishment of

Executive orders, 35-day delay for legislative review

Executive orders, review of

Filing of reports with county clerks by all candidates, requirement of

Forest Health Board, addition of two legislative members

House of Representatives, Committee to wait upon Governor, appointment of

House of Representatives, confirmation by, deletion of

House of Representatives, pastors, invitation to

House of Representatives, Rules, adoption of

House Rules 38 and 40, amend

House Rules, adoption of

House Rules, establishment of

Infrastructure Authority, legislative appointments to

Interest on state bonds, Secretary of State, reporting requirements of

Interim legislative committee meetings, scheduling of, maximizing cost savings by

Interim legislative meetings, maximize cost savings by grouping

International Business Relations Committee, create permanent LRC Committee

Legislative budget, fund transfer

Legislative efficiency and accountability task force, create

Legislative Research Commission Director, salary of

Legislators' Retirement Plan, conform with federal law

Marriages, allow a chamber's presiding officer to authorize a legislator to solemnize

Membership of the Senate, establishment of

Rules, establishment of

Rules, House

Rules of Senate for 2009 Regular Session, adoption

Senate, Committee to wait upon Governor, appointment of

Senate, membership, establishment of

Senate, pastors, invitation to

Special license plates, clarify language regarding denial procedures

State infrastructure authorities, confirmation of citizen appointees

State Representatives, four year terms for

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