Insurance, Health

Autism spectrum disorder, direct a study of health insurance coverage

Autism spectrum disorders, health coverage for

Cancer, clinical trials for treatment of, health plan

Cancer clinical trials for treatment of, health plan

Chiropractic treatment, definitions, insurance reimbursement

Chiropractic treatment, prohibit combining procedures for reimbursement

Dialysis, coverage

Dialysis, coverage, analysis of cost of care

Dialysis coverage, limit patient travel

Dialysis coverage, penalty

Dialysis coverage, prohibit actions to shift reimbursement responsibility

Dialysis coverage, prohibit consideration of government reimbursement

Dialysis coverage, require notice of decrease for out-of-network reimbursement

Dialysis coverage, require reimbursement to provider rather than patient

Group health insurance application, uniform, director and advisory council to develop

Health care insurance coverage, court order for

Infertility, health coverage of

Insurance payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to

Kentucky Access, non-eligibility clarification

Kentucky Access, residency requirement

Kentucky Access, smoking cessation

Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board, due date for policy recommendations

Licensed practitioners of the healing arts, require equal payment

Licensure of audit entity consulting pharmacist, delete reference to KRS Chapter 315

Medical and dental, local board of education members

Medical support, appropriate health care insurance coverage, court order for

Motor vehicle accident, prohibit insurer or agent to solicit person

Pharmacy, audit appeals process

Pharmacy audit, authorize appeal after final audit report, exit interview

Pharmacy audit, pharmacy may consent to audit in first 7 days of month

Pharmacy, audit requirements

Pharmacy audit requirements, exempt Medicaid audits

Pharmacy audit time restriction, exclude audit resulting from evidence of fraud

Pharmacy audits, definitions

Pharmacy audits, delete auditing entity receipt of percentage of recovery

Pharmacy audits, recoupment or repayment requirements

Pharmacy audits, reduce notice of audit from 30 to 7 days

Pharmacy audits, reduce notice of audit from 30 to 7 days

Pharmacy, recoupment of funds by insurer

Required coverage for contraception

Routine patient healthcare costs, exclusion

Secretary of Personnel Cabinet, authority to promulgate administrative regulations, health coverage

Uniform group health insurance application, office of insurance to develop

Urine drug screening or blood tests, provide coverage for

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