Legislative Research Commission

Create interim joint committees on economic development and tourism

Director of, salary increases for

Director, salary of

Employees of, salaries and merit increases for

Executive branch agencies, study on the efficiency of

Executive orders, referral by

Government Contract Review Committee, omnibus revision for

Governor's executive order list, send to

House of Representatives, confirmations by, deletion of

Identification and interment of veterans' remains, interim joint committee to consider

Interim legislative committee meetings, scheduling of, maximizing cost savings by

Kentucky film industry tax incentives, study

Legislative Branch Budget, reduction of

Legislative efficiency and accountability task force, create

Long term Policy Research Center, board of, members of, confirmation of

Long-Term Policy Research Board, Bernard Lovely, Jr., confirmation

Long-Term Policy Research Board, Bhupendra Parekh, confirmation of

Long-Term Policy Research Board, confirmation of, Yvette Smith

Long-Term Policy Research Board, confirmation, Phupendra Parekh

Long-Term Policy Research Board, confirmation Yvette Smith

Oil and gas operations, state and university owned lands, report directed to

Penal Code, Kentucky, subcommittee to study

Public school information management systems, staff study of

Redistricting process, requirement for study

Require grouping of interim legislative meetings

Roadside Memorial Task force, establishment of

Study directed, state construction project delivery method subject of

Tobacco master settlement agreement, certifications and escrow requirements, study

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorize

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