Agricultural Development Council, makeup of

Agriculture Development Council, makeup of

Attraction incentives, lodging facility

Bulk tobacco, allow inspection of moisture devices for

Cigarette surtax, increase

Cigarette surtax increase, floor stock tax imposed

Cigarette tax, change the tax increase to 70 cents from the current proposal of 30 cents

Cigarette tax, credit

Contraband cigarettes

General fund (tobacco) unexpended debt service, transfer of

Kentucky Tobacco Research Board, members of, confirmation of

Master settlement agreement, contraband cigarettes

Master settlement agreement, cost of doing business, increase

Master settlement agreement, directory

Master settlement agreement, enforcement and administration fee, unclassified acquirer

New taxes, rate increase, prohibited

Noncertified cigarettes, removal steps for

Smoking by minors, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle

Smoking cessation treatment, pregnant women, Medicaid coverage of

Tobacco exports, applications to promote board to review

Tobacco exports, applications to promote, board to review

Tobacco product sales, minors, penalties for

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorize

Tobacco taxes, make technical changes

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