Blasters, coal mining, training requirements for

Carbon dioxide emissions control, carbon dioxide pipeline, economic incentives for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from

Carbon dioxide storage, underground

Clean Energy Portfolio Standards, require of electric suppliers

Coal mine subsidence insurance, reinsurance, living expenses, increase for

Coal severance, Kentucky Constitution, amendment to protect

Greenhouse gas emissions, stationary sources, regulation postponement

Hurricane Creek Mine Disaster Historic Site

Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation, establish and authorize trail systems

Kentucky Natural Resources Caucus, creation of

Mine permit fees, adjustment of

Mountaintop mining, placement of overburden, requirements on

Mountaintop removal, overburden in streams, prohibition of

Noncompliance notice, electronic mail, procedure for

Severance tax, energy-efficient alternative fuels, incentives for

State/Executive Branch Budget

Streams, mountain top mining, overburden, placement of

Surface coal mining permit fees, increase of

United Mine Workers of America, honoring

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