Automatic renewal contracts, regulation of

Capital construction, resident bidder, definition of

Certified electrical inspectors, local government inspections

Civil litigation funding companies, regulation of

Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife, term of employment, contracted term for

Contract employees, require Secretary of Finance and Administration to report number of

Debt buyers, regulation of

District owned vehicles, prohibiting use of

Government Contract Review Committee, omnibus revision for

Insurance loss run statements and motor vehicle repair claims, provisions regarding

Landscape architects, administration of public works construction contracts by

Motor carrier transportation contracts, indemnification clauses in

Procurement, second preference by government bodies, Kentucky Industries for the Blind

Professional skill or professional judgment, requirements of

Qualified construction contracts, resident bidder, preference for

Resident bidder, definition of

Sales representatives' contracts, commissions, and termination

Security interest, assignment or pledge, recording of

State construction contracts, resident bidder, preference for

State construction contracts, resident bidder, qualifications of

State contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for

State government, Government Contract Review Committee, expanded reporting to

State government, personal services, billing requirements for

State procurement, preference for Kentucky business

Urban-county boards of health, increased amounts for

Urban-county boards of health, purchase amount requiring contract, increase of

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